Quadcopter Project - Assembly Image Log

To attach the motors to the quadcopter arms, I first trimmed the mount brackets to fit into the holes. I then used M3 screws with nut attached to attach the motors.

On the electronics deck I attached the power distribution board to the bottom with screws and spacers. I made sure to align it so that the battery plug goes to the top of the deck to allow easy connections.

Next came the KK 2.0 controller board which I attached to the top of the electronics deck with screws and used spacers to keep it from touching anything. Make sure to insulate the connections to prevent short circuiting the board.

I also attached a buzzer to the controller board so that audible beeps could be heard if battery voltages are too low, and also for indicating whether the quadcopter is in safe mode. The receiver is mounted in the groove at the back of the main deck, and is then connected to the controller board.

The wires should be fastened with zip-ties to prevent them from getting caught in a prop or disconnecting.

The camera is mounted at the front of the FPV deck by screws. The transmitter is then zip tied to the back of the FPV deck and the connected to the camera. The battery was attached in the center to power the transmitter and camera.


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