Quadcopter Project - Recap for the past few days

My components arrived Friday and were in great condition.

Unfortunately for me I didn't do enough research before making my purchase. My 5000mah battery had 4mm bullet connectors. All the other components on my quadcopter were using XT60 connectors. I read about this and discovered that 4mm bullet connectors allowed for more current to flow. So I ended up removing all of the XT60 connectors and replacing them with 4mm bullet connectors. It took me a while to cut off the XT60 connectors and solder on the bullet connectors. But it was easier than waiting for a new battery to arrive.

Another problem I discovered much to my dismay was that the frame that I printed had motor mount holes that were incapable with the motors I had purchased. So I cut the mounting brackets in order to fit it in the underside of the arms. This worked well and the motors were nicely attached. NOTE: The hole pattern on the bracket and motor is not square, its more of a diamond shape.

One other thing I didn't expect was that the controller board mount was rotated 45 degrees. So the front of the board was facing an arm rather than the gap between two arms. In order to fly the quad I had to set the
controller to "+" mode rather than "X" mode. This is something I'll have to change.

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