Quadcopter Project - Transmitters

Today I researched radio transmitters for controlling the quad.

I found many options and pros and cons for each.

Turnigy 9X - $53.82

The turnigy 9x features 9 channels of control for the copter. It is very cheap compared to some of the other transmitters I found. However it has bad reviews. "There are no rechargeable batteries, no servos, no receiver switch, no charger, no printed manual, not even a CD with instructions. This is not the radio for someone who's never had an RC system before and has nobody around to help them."

Spektrum DX6i - $139.00

The Spektrum DX6i has great reviews and features 6 channels. The only negative I found was that the trim buttons were fragile and break easily. It comes with a manual, batteries, and receiver. It boasts an easy bind and fly setup to start flying. The battery life is nearly 6-7 hours. A review done by rcgroups writes that it is one of the best beginner transmitters on the market.

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