Quadcopter Project - Frame Printed, More Research, Parts Ordered

Over the past few days I've done more work on the project and there are now tangible results. The frame and components have been printed and feel really solid. The total weight of the frame is ~275g. This is of around average weight for most frames, whereas carbon fiber frames are the only lighter.

I originally sliced the models into gcode with 50% infill, however it could possibly go as low as 20% if a lighter weight is desired.

The program I used to slice it was slic3r. MikeyB's quadcopter files had some errors which I fixed using netfabb. Overall the frame came out really nice with no big issues. I was able to fit all the parts on to 3 plates, meaning I would only have to reload the printer 3 times.

The printer I'm using is a MendelMax 1.5 which I got from Ultibots.

I also found a great website for calculating the quadcopter's efficiency. The site boasts that it is within 10% accurate. Here is a link to the data that I inputted for research.

I also placed my order for Quadcopter's hardware at hobbyking. It should all be here in a week or so, and then I can finally begin work on assembling it.

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